Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Post

I've been following my sister's blog since she created it some time ago, and I've watched in awe as her first tentative postings morphed into really witty, creative and newsy pieces of writing. 

She and I live on the opposite sides of the continent and, although we talk on the phone reasonably often, it's been  difficult for me to get a real sense of how her life has been going. We had not actually seen each other face to face for about 28 years until I made the trip to her city in 2006. I've made 2 more trips since, but of necessity they've been short stays - not long enough to do all the catching up that needs to be done.

For instance, I had no idea that she was so gifted artistically until she created her blog.  I knew that she had created beautiful albums of family photographs, because I'd seen them when I'd visited. Now, on her blog she posts, among other things pics, of the journal pages (or are they artists trading cards?) she has been creating, and I think they are absolutely gorgeous. As I said, I had no idea that she was so talented.

So, I've decided to follow my sister's lead and join the blogosphere too.  I don't imagine for one minute that I'll be able to match her wit and creativity - I'm not even going to try. But I get so much enjoyment from reading her blog that I've decided that family members and friends might enjoy seeing and hearing what I've been doing too.

I have 5 sisters and we're spread all over the continent, so this is for them and anyone else who might find the blathering of a rapidly aging Baby-boomer a little bit entertaining.


  1. You are very mean my dear sis. That awful photo of us, how could you! But I'm glad you now have a blog and thanks for all the nice things you said. I look forward to many more posts (no more photos please)God how old were we in that photo? Oh and keep correcting my spelling mistakes Miss.

  2. I want to know which one is Davinia in the photo. :) I took a while to get started into blogging myself. Be warned ... its addictive. It will go from something you put up for those friends and family who wish to catch up with you to something of an artwork. Just you wait, you will find your niche. Have fun blogging.